Thursday, November 19, 2015


Once upon a time, I knew I had to start this blog.

I knew that another voice needed to come out that did not water down their blog with recipes and thoughts on cupcakes and costumes.  (How many stepmom blogs have I looked at where I could find nothing on the stepparenting topic whatsoever?)

I knew that no one was taking a critical, or even educated, look at the stepmom world. There was a massive void, as well. Now our stepmom world is chock full of books and sites and groups and blogs......................................................................

I also needed to be a female voice representing the new, unaccepted, version of a Dad. I needed to tell the real story.

I gained followers from some of my more, likely controversial, posts. I also gained followers from the stepmom communities that mostly crashed and burned due to the inter-female hate that pervades American society.

I wanted to post once a month, but lately, although my blog ideas do keep coming, I have had a growing sense that I need to do something different. A reboot and restart. The fact that I continue to feel like this site isn't safe is truly blocking my writing. I have really struggled with what to do, and knew that I couldn't just stop because of the many more stepmoms to come.

Taking a page out of the book of Jon Acuff, I will start elsewhere- possibly with a different, more defined focus- possibly not. But I know I have to retire this page in order to reach a larger audience and continue to speak the truth of thousands that are not represented by 1 page shallow articles and "blended" books. I also feel constrained here, and I had to block years worth of my old posts (which are a little too close for comfort) due to blogger settings that revealed just enough to destroy the necessary anonymity here. And those were sometimes the posts that led many here.

I follow in old footsteps. Over the years, the most entertaining (and supportive) stepmom blogs were remarkably court-ordered to be taken down, but thanks to our ingrained concept of free speech, the writers simply asked that you contact them for the new link. Speaking of which, where's the ACLU on the family law arena?

Thank you for your following and comments over the years. I know that I have reached many of you, because you wrote me and let me know that you finally found someone to relate to. Those messages, comments, and emails let me know that this is a worthwhile purpose. 

But this is definitely not "goodbye." Please message me in whatever way you find in order to receive the link to the new site or keep in touch.

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