Thursday, February 10, 2011

Steve Harvey on Stepfamilies

Ooo boy, this one's fun. First off, Steve Harvey IS Dad. So many stepmom discussons on that one...

He briefly covers disengagement... Air Jordans versus Nakedness

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Equal Shared Parenting

Support Equal Shared Parenting Article

The experts say it over and over again: children thrive when they have both parents, and the most of both parents. It's not about which spouse hurt who, and who's to blame for the divorce, although I hear a whole lot of that from people I know personally and who are also good parents. If experts in child health say that both parents, if both are fit, willing, and able, should have equal parts in childrens' lives, then when are we going to see a change in the courts?

I happen to live in a state in which the legislature has set forth precedent that both parents maintain equal custody if they are both fit, willing, and able. Then why, as Alec Baldwin puts it, is it actually a "fight for your right to equal" state?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Worst Kind of Mom

As a stepmom, the worst kind of (bio)mom you could be given is one who had children to make up for her own lack of self-esteem and purpose in life.

And that's how you become the enemy simply because you exist.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am being treated like a parent! It's just that her mom is treated like her idol...

She wants my money and family's money, but not me.
She wants me to pay for all the neat stuff she does, but she wishes I didn't exist.
She wants what I bring to the house, like all the pets and new clothes, but she wishes I wasn't in the house.
She found her goal in life and was introduced to all the activities she loves because of me, but I shouldn't be a part of it.
She wants the trips I plan and all the fun stuff we do, but treats me like I shouldn't be alive otherwise.

That's what a teen normally treats a parent like. They want the stuff and life but not the parent themselves.

So, I guess this is a good thing?