Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Good Stepmom

I can tell you what a good stepmom is.

There's all these books out there to help stepmoms learn, adapt and be better.

You know all it is? You want to know what it takes to be a good stepmom?

When your stepkid treats you like crap, embarrassing you in front of others- kids, adults, teachers, coaches, friends, family- You don't tell them how you really feel, you don't scream at them at the first chance to tell them how horrible they were, and in fact, you stomach nearly all of it.


  1. Hard to handle, I know, but believe it or not, children also do the same to their own parents at times.

    Parenting is always two steps forward, one step back! I like your blog.

  2. Pretty aware of that, yes. Parents are allowed to deal with what happens, though. But if any repercussions for bad behavior are administered, most parents don't have kids that then report things to another set of parents, a therapist, court mediators, and the like.