Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You Shouldn't Care...


Telling someone they "shouldn't care."

I have read a lot of Stepmom articles that if they were boiled down, the article could be summarized as "You just should't care."

Apparently, that is the secret to inner peace. Not caring.

I feel like some of the authors that write to help stepmoms are either no longer stepmoms, in an ideal situation, or lack the turmoil that the rest of us face.
This is in relation to a number of various topics. You should't care about your husband's lack of support of you, your husband's ex harassing or even stalking you, your stepkids hatred of you in the home you equally provide, or the future of your stepkids. Whatever it may be, you just shouldn't care about it. Voila! Problem solved!

Sounds lovely. There would be no need for any stepmothering literature whatsoever if this was an easy-to-accomplish mindset.

I request that anyone who authors anything that will be published step back and review what you're actually asking another stepmom to do. Is it tangible? Did you give clear advice, or generic thoughts? Were there examples that could actually be applied to the vast amount of women, or were they "ideal"? Were you limited by space for a short article and therefore didn't really get into anything of any depth?

We're craving depth, actual solutions, and constructive directions. Please don't disappoint us again.

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