Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I don't do this blog for me. I don't remember there being a time where it was for me. I reread a quote on an empty blog (no posts, just page setup) that said that writing a blog is cathartic and good for you. It stated that it will help you (the writer).

I've never had that intention. If I wanted to write for myself, I would definitely make it private. I'd use one of those cool journal apps. I could even make this blog private. I'm a fan of journaling for my own good, and I probably should do that more often.

But that is not what this blog is. If you've noticed, I don't post recipes here. (And if I have, it was because it was related to something else or it was just that awesome...Correct me if I have actually posted recipes here, because apparently I've posted a lot and I don't feel like going through all of the posts right now...) I don't just post cute stories or thoughts. That sounds lovely, and I wish this blog was just a bunch of wickedly funny pictures of kittens doing crazy things.

This blog is aimed at the target audience of stepmoms, like myself.

It has shaped itself to be a commentary on stepmom knowledge, literature, and experiences. The more I read, whether from social science or social media and web forums, the more it shapes this blog. I use my own experiences to illustrate, but this would be a very boring blog if I just shared my day-to-day strife. Sometimes I feel like sharing pieces of that strife, but with a greater intention and purpose.

There is a missing piece of criticism and critical analysis of the stepmom literature and discussions occurring currently. It is also infantile- Very few books existed when I became a stepmom, and although the number has probably tripled, it is still small in scope. Yet, a vast percentage of women are stepmoms. How much mom literature is out there? Much more important topics, I know. Babies and all that...But stepmoms aren't new. Only the discussion is.

Maybe not every post is terribly insightful. Sometimes I am just trying to share something important, like a blog or book of great worth to women like me. Yet overall, the intention of my blog is to be critical of what we know, what we are told, and what we see as stepmoms. And in that, I also try to weave my own advice in along with a general summary of the advice of many others, whether professionals or the large numbers of stepmoms I read and talk to regularly.

The end game? I am actually trying to shape the conversation somewhat, and possibly influence future stepmom literature and dialogue.

Thanks for reading, anyways. Sorry about the lack of recipes and hilarious kitten pics. I know it's disappointing. BUT Feel free to suggest topics that you feel are not addressed, or are addressed poorly in the stepmom/stepparenting web-&-lit-o-sphere. (Interaction, communication, and collaboration? Also very healthy.)

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