Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stepmoms are Not Fortune Tellers

Man, how in hell do you think I knew it would be like this?

When did we cover in marriage prep class that being a stepmom is the toughest parenting role, determined by loads of studies by psychologists and sociologists studying the modern family?

At what point was I supposed to assume that my future stepkid, who loved me at the time of dating and engagement, would hate me less than one year following the wedding and for years beyond?

Was I supposed to know that my husband's ex would try to attack me months after our new marriage?

And why didn't anyone tell me that there would be times where all I would want to do is run away?

Oh right, because No One Expected Any of That.

The only way I would have learned what was the potential future reality was to possibly read stepmom blogs and join stepmom groups.

But all stepmoms, prior to marriage, believe in themselves and "believe in love!" (Cue background music, probably from Moulin Rouge.)

Nobody can predict what crazy will bring.

My husband had no clue his ex was capable of what she's done.

So, if a stepmom chews off your head because you say something like "you should have known when you married a man with kids"- You had it coming.

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