Friday, September 18, 2009

The Beginning

I probably should have been blogging for years now. I was confined to MySpace, but with the FB & Twitter rages I guess it is time to move on.

There's a lot of new stepmom books out there all of a sudden. When I looked for books on Amazon about how to be a stepmom in 2006, there were about 5. Four looked dreadful and 1 was fun. I bought the one. Now there's, what one could call, a plethora. It's still not it's own section yet; definitely not. But now I have to read all the reviews, trying to decipher whether there will be something new in the new books. Will it help me? Will it frustrate me?

The fun book I read in 2006 cracked me up and made me feel determined. My new family pursuit would be possible and nothing could stop me. But the author did say that most of the scenarios and advice could apply to most stepmoms and their situations...Except for the one type of bio-mom that never backs down, full of hate or insane.

I laughed at the description at that time. Realized that that was my husband's ex. I called him up and read it to him, saying "shes says it's the worst kind!" Three years later, I can't believe I found humor in that. We should have been planning a war plan, even before our wedding.

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