Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My husband is being a served a major injustice of our legal system. Thanks to one person, who is a mediator in a small court (and the system that keeps her employed). That person doesn't know him, or anyone in this split, double family. But she did absolutely know that he has never been in trouble, has never hurt his children, and works with law enforcement on a daily basis. She knew that a judge and the prior mediator characterized him as a good parent. She did know that my husband's children's primary caretaker, his ex's boyfriend and later husband, was eventually cut off from his own children by a larger, nearby court, after years of aggressive legal proceedings and jail time. Despite the facts, my husband has been cut out of his children's school days, and a number of other moments of his children's lives, without cause. Like he's the one who upset the court, hurt his kids, recieved jailtime for the abuse. But no, that was the person taking care of my husband's daughters every single day (minus 2 weekends a month). That person was seen as unfit to see his own two children without court supervision. My husband's ex had lies and complaints, but none of it warranting an even greater cut to a decent father's time with his kids. In any other type of court, much more would have been required. But family law court is known in the justice system as a place where "innocent until proven guilty" has no bearing.

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