Thursday, February 9, 2012

The WTF Moment from Shrink4Men

I've found a number of great articles on As a stepmom and second wife, I've witnessed the aftermath of an abusive marriage. I also see the manipulative emotional abuse of my stepchildren, and daily feel the wrath of a hateful person that was once married to my husband and is angry that he managed to get out of an eternal hell where he was the sacrifice but where she maintained complete control. I strongly encourage men in abusive marriages, dealing with divorce, or dealing with the aftermath of divorce, to read articles on the Shrink4Men site. And stepmoms, you'll enjoy it too as you'll understand your husband a little more, what he went through, and why he may act so weird each time you have an argument. We definitely picked up a LOT of baggage. Relationship Stages, Abusive Women, and the WTF Moment

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