Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Stepmom Circle

If I act perfectly, I will be mistreated, stepped on, and ignored.
If I act like a parent, I will be blamed and hated.
If I act like a fun friend, I will be blamed and mocked.
If I act my age, I will be mocked.
If I look my age, I will make them jealous and nasty.
If I act like an adult, I'm not fun.
If I ask to be respected and not ignored, I am mean.
If I ask to have something cleaned up or completed, I am strict.
If I maintain my own life and interests, I am selfish, self-possessed, self-involved.
If I help them with their homework, my standards are too high.
If I buy them gifts and clothes, I am trying to buy their love.
If I cook them the food they love, I am feeding them unhealthy food.
If I cook them healthy food, they don't eat it.
If I teach them something, I am pushing them too much.
If I try, I'm trying too hard.
If I disagree with them, I am evil.

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  1. You too, huh? We are damned if we do, damned if we don't arent' we?