Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Stepmom Show on PrimeTime

In case you weren't aware, the new comedy 1600 Penn features a powerful, beautiful stepmom as First Lady. Jenna Elfman pulls it off very well.

I encourage you to watch it. The very first episode, and the subsequent episodes, touch on a number of stepmom topics with an older, young adult daughter. Other situations also arise with the other 3 kids.

It's not a drama, you're not going to get your answers from it, but it is fun to watch. I think as a very large stepmom community, we need to support shows that show Stepmoms in a positive light like this. Encourage others to watch it, so that maybe one tiny notch can be struck in the mythology of the stepmom.

1 comment:

  1. 1600 Penn has not given up the theme. The most recent episode featured the First Lady Stepmom attempting to go above and beyond and take her kids on a camping/hiking trip in nature. It doesn't go all that well, and I'm sure all of you will be able to relate!