Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My husband does not read my blog. Unless I tell him to or read it to him. As he puts it, "It is not meant for me." He usually has heard the beginnings of a post already, and he lives it with me...So why bother? He also so nicely added that I don't need his validation, as others have validated this blog quite well enough. 

Thank you to the followers of this blog, whether you are a stepmom sister I've never met, or a friend or family member I actually know in the non-blogger world. This blog is meant for stepmoms, quite obviously, and I use it to provide insight, analysis, responses, and share resources.

Your comments are welcome, and I don't mind fully responding. But my husband has asked that I moderate comments from those that we know personally. If your account links to me, your name would be known to others, or your comments reference specifics...It has to go. Don't blame me; blame "the man."

Despite freedom of speech, divorce courts have ordered blogs be taken down even if they don't break any laws or use names. Feel free to look into that, as it's somewhat disconcerting. A number of blogs I've referenced in old posts have been "closed" for that reason. I walk a fine line, and I self-edit a lot after the first publish to maintain enough anonymity. In fact,  I've pulled down entire posts for that reason. I sometimes run them by my husband to make sure he's OK with the post and that it doesn't reveal too much. You may also notice that I flip back and forth between generalities a bit too much, admittedly to the point of confusion, but that's on purpose. I am trying very hard to keep my blog public to readers around the world (which is super exciting to see, mind you) rather than going the route that many of the popular blogs I used to follow have had to take- restricting their blog to only a few members by invite. 

In fact, I probably scared a number of you who thought this was my final post: a farewell. I've read quite a few of those, but that post isn't today.

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